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A Gurlz Guide Launches “Question of The Week” on July 11, 2015

Tagg Nation Episode 5 – Pride Month, Josh Duggar, and Relationship Red Flags

Listen to the Episode Below Download iTunes Stitcher SoundCloud Never Miss A Show Sign Up for Automatic Delivery of Your Favorite Show Powered by Simple Podcast Press This episode Chelsea, Jade, and Katy Ray talk about gay pride month and upcoming events. They dive into “What’s in the Issue” with relationship red flags. What’s hot…

Tagg Nation Episode 4 – American Reflexxx, Marriage Equality and Bruce Jenner


Chelsea, Jade, and Katy Ray talk to the producers of the American Reflexxx documentary. What’s hot?…the Bruce Jenner interview. Jade takes to the Supreme Court during the marriage equality rally to talk to supporters (and non-supporters). Chelsea gives you a quick look at Pride events across the country. Click Here To Read More